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What is the best month to renovate a house?

Additions to Your Home

Focusing on any additions you’d like to make to your house is a fantastic place to start if you prefer to cross the major items off your list first. The best time of year to renovate a home is actually from early January to mid-March. Although it seems counterintuitive, pouring concrete can be made simpler by the freezing ground and dry air.

When to start: January through early March.

Outdoor Projects

To host some summer cookouts, are you looking for a new front porch or backyard deck? The ideal time to finish outdoor improvements is often from April to August. Although there is some flexibility in this schedule, contractors will stop working when it is below freezing and the earth is too difficult to dig in if your project calls for the construction of a new building, deck, or patio.

When to start: April through August.

Bathroom Remodeling

Without a functioning bathroom, a house cannot function. However, since many families take their summer vacations around this season, home improvement projects like bathroom remodels frequently make sense when you’re gone from your property the most. You can lessen the inconvenience of having one or more bathrooms unavailable by planning your home’s bathroom renovations during July through September.

When to start: July through September.

Kitchen Remodeling

The end of the year, right before the holidays, is typically one of the greatest times of year for a kitchen remodel. Compared to spring and summer, this is often a slower time for contractors, and depending on supply and demand, building materials may be less expensive.

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