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3 Ways to save money on Ikea Kitchen Installation in Toronto

If you live in Toronto and GTA, you may want to consider the following tips to save money on your next kitchen installation project. Expect to find good quality products at reasonable pricing within and around Toronto – when you’re ready to install your kitchen, give us a call at BMAX Furniture for an exceptional service and affordable kitchen installation price. We know that good work will last many years and good quality products can be hard to find if you don’t shop around.

1. Shop Around For Cabinets

First advise is to visit a few places, go to Pickering, Mississauga and surrounding areas for cabinets. Ikea should be the first store that you visit to get a sense of the quality and pricing that they offer. If you decide to visit other places, make sure to get a few quotes. You’ll be amazed at how much you can push the price down just by asking small businesses within GTA – sometimes they have promotions and many times they want your business so consider telling them your intentions and see if they are willing to lower the price or provide a discount.

Make sure you shop around at least a few places. Not only will it help you to find the best price, but it can also help give you different ideas for your design.

2. Use A Locally Trusted Fitter

Kitchen installation can be a big contributor to your final cost. A good local fitter is going to be cheaper than an in-house kitchen installation service from a kitchen showcase. We at BMAX Furniture will install and fit the kitchen to ensure that your project is done on time, and on budget. Ask around for recommendations, see some of the work if you can and get a quote.

It’s very important to make sure whoever is fitting your kitchen is good. A cheap kitchen fitted well can outlast and look much nicer than an expensive kitchen fitted poorly!

3. Shop Online For Appliances

We recommend that you buy your appliances online, from the big retail chains as they generally have great policies. Unless it’s something quite specialist, most of the big brands are available to purchase online and are almost always cheaper than from a kitchen showroom.

You will notice that you have more choice of brands as some showrooms only sell certain brands that they display.

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